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You're the guy with the pumpkin head that everyone was talking about right? Welcome to Misty Hollow! With the Halloween Party just around the corner, you’ve moved in at the perfect time! Don’t be a stranger; I’m sure you'll fit right in. 

Misty Hollow is a monster-themed visual novel that focuses on love, friendship, and mental health.


  • 4 dateable characters
  • 15+ side characters
  • 30+  backgrounds
  • 20k+ words of content! 
  • Bad dad jokes and puns 
  • Occasional awkward flirting 


“Yeah, Misty Hollow is great! I’d totally recommend you move here. Wait, you mean Misty Hollow, the game? Wait, we’re in a game?!” - Todd, a poor soul who broke the fourth wall 

“Oh yeah, this is definitely a 10/10 game! The storyline is immersive and the characters are loveable.” -  Anni and Jennifer, who are totally not the creators of the game

“A very cute and wholesome game with even cuter characters!” - Sinclair, a true fan who wasn’t bribed at all, we swear! 

This game was created in 2021 by Cozii Studios: 

Anni Shao (Linkedin)

Programming: Visual novel section ᐧ GUI components ᐧ Audio
Story Concept
Character Writing

Jennifer Lee (zoozoobooka @ Instagram /Portfolio/Twitch

Art: Background Art ᐧ Character Design/ Art ᐧ Game Design
Story Concept
Character Writing
Narrative Writing

Stay updated about Cozii Studios' future projects on our Itch.io page, as well as our Instagram. Any donations to our Ko-fi are much appreciated!

Further Credits: Peritune  • Joakim Karud • Fantom  • Super Noot Ensemble  • Lofi Geek  • LuKremBo  • Music4Video • Joshua McLean • Prod. Riddiman

Special Thanks to our dear friend Sinclair for composing a few of the songs! 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
Tags2D, Cute, Dating Sim, First-Person, Funny, Halloween, Monsters, Ren'Py, Romance, Spooky
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSupport, Community


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Version 1.0
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Version 1.0

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Nah cuz if I can't have Eli, then I refuse to play. Can't believe I got attracted to a literal ball of fire. As soon as the "My Fiance" line came in, I had never Alt+F4ed so fast in my life... If he's a lost cause tell me... If I can still date him tell me... I need to know this information.... PLEASE!

i love the game but i wish it was longer. i would 100% play a part 2 if it is ever made

We're so glad you enjoyed!! 

HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.

Of course!

eli..eli marry me, god im in love 

I want to Polyamory this Relationship so hard... I honestly don't know whether to put down the game for good or not...

oml i loved pip, was kinda disapointed with the ending though 

i really liked the story, and briar.. god i love briar.

We're so happy you enjoyed it! If only Briar could give us all restaurant recs 

i loved the art and attention to detail in this game!! plus a great storyline

We're so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing :) 

Skelly calls the band Rolling Bones once and then Rolling Stones the next time

Sorry about that! We will definitely pay more attention in our upcoming games! 


Dude. Eli looks like Grillby. from Undertale. I can't unsee this

Maybe they are distant cousins... who knows :0 

Briar and Frankies endings were so

I really liked this game! But the ending was really abrupt. Like Pip's route ended just with the picture not even the date ending like with another route. 

We're so glad you liked the game! As for the abrupt endings, we will definitely work on making more flushed out characters in upcoming games :) 

(1 edit)

Game: Hey, wanna spend time with this character?

Me: "I dunno, i kinda wanna pursue this other one, since im gay n stuff-"

Game: That was rhetorical, you dont get a choice

Bro, frankie made a yuh-gi-oh reference, im sold


Sorry about that! We wanted everyone to experience to meet all the neighbors at least once, even if they end up just being friends. Glad you liked the reference though ^^

This game was absolutely wonderful to play. I loved the art and all the characters, they are so unique and charming. I loved how Eli was legit a flame and his fiance was a moth, and it was hilarious interacting with frankie's parents. The music is so soothing and calming,  the music in the haunted house was particularly my favorite. This game has a lot of personality and it was a good way to spend my time. :)

We are so so glad you enjoyed!! It means the world to us when players pick up on the little details of the game :') 

I don't know if its a bug or not but for the second date I could chose the same person more than once and it replayed the exact same scene.

Great game otherwise. Skelly for life.

Hello! That is definitely a bug; thanks for pointing it out! 

We are really happy you enjoyed! Skelly would be super happy to hear :)) 

Everything was so wonderful! Each of the characters had such distinct personalities, that I truly loved each of them. Though, Skelly is best girl. And Frankie's dads were HILARIOUS!!

Skelly is truly best girl <3 We're so glad you enjoyed the game!! 

The song, UI, art, everything is supperrr adorable! I love all the characters. Also, suddenly seeing frankie's parents made me giggle. I didn't expect it at first but then I remembered "ahhhhh, it's frankie" XDXDXD

We're so glad you liked Misty Hollow! Igor and Victor have to keep an eye on their son somehow! 

This game was down right stunning! I was practically glued to my screen, great work!

We're so glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks for playing :)) 

(1 edit)

this is such a cute game omg. the art style and music fit perfect together, props to cozii studios and everyone who helped!! i'm so excited to keep playing <3 (i made an acc just to leave this comment lol)

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! Your support means everything to us <3

This game is so delightful! I really enjoyed the cute story and the art. Congratulations on your release!

We're so glad you enjoyed it!

Hello! Please pause all playthroughs for the time being because a bug has been discovered. The intro skips straight to Frankie's first date instead of going in the correct order. This issue will be resolved shortly! 

Patch is now up! Please redownload for a smoother experience. Happy playing :)